Review of the Corn Trade

The Review of the Corn Trade From the Mark Lane Express in the Hampshire Chronicle, 1 October 1853.

“The protracted misunderstanding between Russia and Turkey … threatens to terminate in war, in which, should it take place, Great Britain would very likely be involved.

“The advices from the East … had had considerable effect on the minds of holders of Wheat in this country ..

“The weather had been favourable since out last for harvesting the crops in the late districts, and considerable quantity of corn has been carted in tolerably fair order. There is still a good deal of spring sown Wheat uncut, even in the southern parts of the kingdom ..

“The reports as to the yield of Wheat are very unsatisfactory; in many cases where the produce has been tested by threshing, the quantity has turned out little more that what had been calculated on ; the increased price will therefore hardly compensate the grower for the shortness of the yield.”